Instruments and equipment

Quality without compromise requires the comprehensive management of the certification of instruments starting from the plain digital calliper to the most complete surface tester. For this reason, the company has the following instruments on site:

  • Coord3 3-D measurement in metrology room. Renishaw PH20, 5-azis technology. Axes 1500x900x800
  • Digital and analogue micrometres
  • Digital callipers with wireless connectivity to record data
  • 2 Precision altimeters
  • Surface tester with service PC for analysing readings carried out
  • Complete series of thread gauges for P-NP metrics, GAS, UN
  • Electronic presetting with data output on BALLUF chip
  • Centesimal and millesimal bore gauges and thread pitch gauges


Electronic management of testing to be carried out with specifically developed software that makes it possible to access all necessary data through iPads located throughout the workshop.

On-time registration of testing carried out through the same software that makes it possible to centralise the results and carry out instant analyses on production trends.

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ISO 9001:2015


Computerized management of the production process


Capability to manage entire productions as a project manager

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